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Needs of The Ranch

First and foremost is veterinary care for the animals.  We take in animals in all sorts of conditions and of course they need ongoing care throughout their lives.  Each animal is given excellent care and we address all of their needs. 

We provide wound care, nutrition, wormings, vaccinations, surgeries, spay/neuter, microchipping and all necessary procedures as needed.  We pride ourselves in giving our animals the best of care.


We are constantly upgrading shelters and purchasing supplies.  We make play structures for the goats, and new nesting boxes for the chickens.  There are always needs and improvements needed every day at the ranch.  We have to buy buckets, and brushes, and halters, and ropes, along with winter blankets, and shavings, as well as replace things that get worn or broke.  We constantly walk the property to make sure the perimeter is safe so no one can get out.  Of course, we have to keep the lights on, and the water flowing.  The ranch is an amazing property that is a beautiful place for the most amazing animals.


The daily needs of the animals comes in the need of Feed and Hay!!!!  The animals go through alot of feed.  We feed a species specific pellet feed, and a horse quality hay.  Of course the pasture offers grazing, but we want the animals to have feed to keep them healthy.  We give them green veggies as much as possible. They like a variety of other fruits and vegetables and anything that tastes fresh and yummy!!!  

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