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Share the Animals

Share the Experience

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We share the animals with as many as we can to educate and show these are emotional and feeling beings.  We know that these animals need us for their well being.  But they are therapy to many, and they have an impact on everyone we share them with.

The ranch is always a work in progress. We are always making it better for the animals, for their comfort and to to accommodate as many as we can with the resources we have available to us.

We want it to be small and positive, and personal, so the message is powerful and lasting.

We have FARM DAYS!!! at the ranch where we ask for volunteers to come out and help with the current needs of the ranch.  This could be general clean up, or building new enclosures, or winterizing the barn and shelters.  

We also build play structures for the goats, and feeding troughs, and repair anything that needs updating.

Feeding is always twice daily, and we get fruits and vegetables donated often to feed as well. 

We often get to make great vegan lunches that are great to share with friends.

We will post our current events here when they are coming up!!!

DONATIONS TAKEN IN ON SUNDAYS!!!  We need blankets, fencing, building materials, feed, and any other items for the animals.  (Fruits, vegetables are great for treats if visiting)


SUNDAY WORKDAYS!  Please call or text to call to come out to visit the animals and see what projects we are currently working on.

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