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Meet The Founders


I became Vegan after being educated about factory farming of animals for food and the disgraceful industry that treats the animals and our world horrifically and ultimately our bodies as well.  And after looking into the eyes of the amazing animals that I have on my ranch, and seeing their intelligence and capability for love, I just could not eat another bite of animal based food.  My heart and my soul have been changed forever, and I feel compelled to share this message with as many who will listen.


So my mom basically said, "we are going vegan."  And I said . . . What!!!  No meat, no fish, no dairy, no eggs.  Nothing.  And it was all cold Turkey!  Except, No Turkey!!!  But you know what, it wasn't difficult.  My mom and I cook all sorts of meals together.  Great hits most of the time, a couple of misses.  I'm not missing anything, and I'm feeling great.  I've lost weight, and I know it's doing what is right for the animals.  I can't stand to see the animal cruelty videos.  It breaks my heart.  Anything we can do to make a difference, is our goal!!!


I became a vegan in early 2017 after viewing multiple documentaries that exposed the cruelties of factory farming. I have always loved animals and foster/rescue dogs with the Golden Retriever Rescue of North Texas but my conscience didn't feel that was good enough. I wanted my impact on animal welfare to be much more than that so I decided to go vegan, urged my mom and my sister to do the same, and we have since become a family of animal welfare advocates and committed to the vegan lifestyle.

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