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Animals Listed Here are Available for Adoption!  We take applications and we must review your home to make sure you live in an area where the animal is allowed, and you have the ability to care for the animal for the remainder of their life as a pet and family member.  We need personal and veterinary references.    Please email the application to:

Farm Animals . . .

 . . . . and Rescue Dogs


The ranch ALWAYS! has pigs and and sometimes piglets.  Pig ""surrender" is an epidemic.  Unfortunately, 95% of all Pigs are re-homed during their life.  They can have a 20 plus year life span and they do form strong bonds with their human companions.  Pigs are within the 5th smartest animals in the world.  They have wonderful personalities, and they can be trained and be a true devoted friend for life.  When they are taken from their home, they can suffer from depression.

We try to get pigs into a new home that will be long term and a good fit for the applicant family.  PLEASE do your research on the commitment it takes to raise a pig.  

The Adoption Fee for a Pig is $50 plus depending on the specific one!!!


On occasion, we rescue large breed. We take in Mastiff, Dane, and Bulldog breeds.  However, we take on what we feel we can handle.  We are NOT a dog rescue primary mission.  Our main focus is the farm animals, and so when we do take in a dog, it is due to dire circumstance and for limited duration.  We are seeking an excellent home as soon as we can find one.  We do not want the dogs being aggressive and even killing any of the farm animals, and it is hard to maintain separate boundaries, so it is best to keep them separate, and re-homed as soon as possible.  

So if pictures are not posted here, please text or call to see who might be available.  Thank you so much.  Adoption fees are $100 plus to cover the spay/neuter along with shots and the Bravecto they have for flea tick control.

maddie 01.jpg

We have goats & sheep from all ages from just weaned to several years old.

Just ask, and we will let you know specific information on each one.

The breeds vary, and so do the sex.  

Older goats and sheep are usually NOT available for adoption because surrendered goats and sheep are promised a lifelong stay at the ranch, and here is where they will stay!!!

Here our babies stay with their moms until weaned from nursing.  Even if we have a bottle baby, we will not let them go until they are eating solid food.  

Goats do better in pairs, so please consider adopting 2 or having or getting another for companionship.

Adoption Fees are $100 - $175 depending on the specific goat or sheep.

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